Parenting Athletes: Cost of Excellence

Great article from USA Today on how parents are budgeting and changing buy behaviors in order to give their young athletes every advantage for success – in sport and life.

Mental & Emotional Skill Development is the next frontier for young athletic development.  To learn more about the M.E.T. MindSet Skills Training Program, please contact 866.487.2815 or email

Article: Reprint September 2017


Bechtel Corporation

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The corporate EH&S team wanted to use video to launch a branding & cause marketing campaign.  There were two different projects: EH&S Special Report and The Top Five (5) – each with it’s own unique scope of use video messaging to motivate, educate and refresh both corporate and field personnel.

Each scope included promoting critical statistics and visual elements. This design included a custom studio and newscaster delivery with graphic and image support from several of the clients projects (2012). The messaging included corrective actions and subtle refreshers with  unscripted interviews (extremely rare at the time) with both safety and executive teams – speaking candidly, sincerely to deliver the message.

  • Brendon Bechtel interview by P Taylor during executive team interviews (unscripted)
  • Joe Thompson interview by P Taylor during executive team interviews (unscripted)
  • Leading & Lagging indicators drive the critical message for top of mind awareness.
  • Organizational wide - visual communication to communicate global project goals

The trade secret after two decades of designing content is “sizzle” and “substance”.  High end video production with custom, relevant content. For more information on our Consulting | Design or Production capabilities, please contact 866.487.2815.

iP Utility Safety Conference & ICUEE Expo 2018

The Skill of Concentration: How to Improve Your Focus

Improving your focus requires active, daily routines to develop the mental skill of concentration.


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Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton Loveland Conference Center in Loveland, CO.

Topic: Distraction Training: Technical Skill of Concentration

Date: Wednesday, April 25

Time: 01:30pm  – 03:00pm

Registration: Weblink



BreakOut Session Summary:

This presentation emphasizes the core skills of ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-regulation’ covered in the studies of emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

Explore how you can improve your focus and learn new techniques for navigating through the personal and external distractions lineman face every day. Then practice your daily thought-processes designed to develop this critically important skill-set.



  • How to define emotional quotient and emotional intelligence in line work.
  • Identify self-awareness skill-sets and competencies to improve your focus.
  • Identify personal intervention tools to improve your professional performance on the job.
  • Identify team intervention techniques you can use to increase the emotional quotient among crew members.


Learn more about Tactical EQ4 Electric Utilities – bring this innovative training to you workforce and subcontractors.  Or call 866.487.2816.

Mental5 (The Book) Podcast: Mental Skill of Concentration

Narrative by: Parrish Taylor

Mental (Athlete's Version) Chapter 6: Concentration - Parrish Owen Taylor     

Mental Cncentration Thumb

EQ4 Law Enforcement

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It’s a thin blue line for those in the law enforcement family – when contacted by the Director at the Regional Training Academy for law enforcement – it was clearly an EQ conversation that was long over due.

Two pilot programs were implemented educating senior officers (and some military veterans) – both projects received exceptional ratings.

To review the participant feedback surveys, down load the workshop brochure or watch the promotional video – please go to the EQ4 Law Enforcement web page or call 866.487.2815.


Florida Tech Institute

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Consult | EQ Training:

“Parrish’s understanding of emotional intelligence and his ability to relate this information to athletes is exceptional.

I sat in on three (3), two (2) hour sessions with our student-­athletes when he spoke to them and I was amazed at his ability to relate to each of the groups.

It has been said that an audience has a limited capacity to concentrate on a speaker. When Parrish ’trained’ our students-athletes, I watched as their attention increased during each of the two (2) hour sessions. What he has to say and how he relates it is powerful. I’m certain that each of these athletes put into practice what he had to say.

By sharing with them what typically is in the mind of each of us as we perform the task at hand, he is able to help them transform their mindset by mapping out strategies to unleash their full potential; this is what each athlete wants to hear. He teaches them how to focus better, and eliminate the distractions and negative thoughts that affect their actions.

I have found myself practicing many of the strategies that he teaches with good results. Once you understand what is limiting your performance, you are in a better position to do something about it, and Parrish helps you in both of these areas.

His enthusiasm and passion for this field is contagious, and I encourage anyone who wants their teams to perform at a higher level to reach out to Parrish Taylor—you won’t be disappointed.”

Bill Jurgens

Director of Athletics – Florida Tech

  • FIT Swim Coach: Justin Andrade believes in EQ training.


For more information on we can bring this innovative EQ training to your team or campus please call 866.487.2815.


Mental5 (The Book) Podcast: Mental Skill of Communication

Narrative by: Parrish Owen Taylor

Mental (Athlete's Version): Communication - Parrish Owen Taylor     

Mental Communicatoin thumb


Grant Training Programs

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Pre approval is fast and easy – Please visit our web page or call for more information.


The Incumbent Workers Training Program (IWTP) was originally introduced in 1999; since that time Taylor-Made Concepts, Inc (TMC) has been active participant in the program. In 2004, Taylor-Made became one of the first “private” training providers authorized by the Louisiana Department of Labor. To date, Taylor-Made has assisted Louisiana employers in utilizing over $600,000 in training grants through the Incumbent Worker’s Training program.