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EQ4 Mega Construction Projects

EQ stands for Emotional Quotient – it’s a 30 year science, now valid, reliable.

As a stakeholder in a major construction project, EQ is pretty important to you.

It has everything to do with your WORKFORCE and what you REQUIRE of them in order to meet your schedule and profits. From the engineer designs, procurement to field leadership and execution of your plan.

EQ & EI (emotional intelligence) pertain to every aspect – it’s a human thing.

We’ve been teaching people how to be smart about their emotions for 30 years… that’s EQ and EI in a nutshell.

We work with WORLD CLASS COMPANIES. Those that back there lip-service with actions, money, senior buy-in … and at all cost to the HUMAN CAPITAL.

Quick link to a few learning aides on our most recent project … these look like just regular old videos to you.



Consider the people interviewed… consider those they work next to and influence.

This, the VCP (video communication platform) is the new frontier for craft engagement on Mega Construction Projects. A unique set of procedures and processes that support your primary focus EACH SECOND OF THE DAY.


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Success: Incident Prevention Loveland CO Reviews


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Distraction Training:   The Technical Skill of Concentration

“TMC continues to make a positive impact in the Electric Utility industry by developing EQ skills and competencies; change is here with a new educational agenda to develop mental and emotional skills.  We are talking all occupations from the Chief Executive Officers and Senior Leadership teams; to those in the field with their hands on the tools doing the work.”



  • Event:  Incident Prevention Spring Safety Conference – Spring 2018
  • Location: Loveland, CO
  • Breakout Session:  Distraction Training – Technical Skill of Concentration (full course)
  • See what others are saying …. (PDF): Evaluations Loveland CO May 2018_web





Taken live from IP Expo 2017 Louisville, KY


Next Event:

Incident Prevention Fall 2018 – Orlando FL

iP Utility Safety Conference & ICUEE Expo 2018

The Skill of Concentration: How to Improve Your Focus

Improving your focus requires active, daily routines to develop the mental skill of concentration.


TakeAways:  Event Promo 2017



Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton Loveland Conference Center in Loveland, CO.

Topic: Distraction Training: Technical Skill of Concentration

Date: Wednesday, April 25

Time: 01:30pm  – 03:00pm

Registration: Weblink



BreakOut Session Summary:

This presentation emphasizes the core skills of ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-regulation’ covered in the studies of emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

Explore how you can improve your focus and learn new techniques for navigating through the personal and external distractions lineman face every day. Then practice your daily thought-processes designed to develop this critically important skill-set.



  • How to define emotional quotient and emotional intelligence in line work.
  • Identify self-awareness skill-sets and competencies to improve your focus.
  • Identify personal intervention tools to improve your professional performance on the job.
  • Identify team intervention techniques you can use to increase the emotional quotient among crew members.


Learn more about Tactical EQ4 Electric Utilities – bring this innovative training to you workforce and subcontractors.  Or call 866.487.2816.

Mental5 (The Book) Podcast: Stress vs. Distress

Narrative by: Parrish Taylor

Mental (Athlete's Version) Chapter 11: Stress - Parrish Owen Taylor     

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Mental5 (The Book) Podcast: Mental Skill of Organization

Narrative by: Parrish Taylor

Mental (Athlete's Version) Chapter 7: Organization - Parrish Owen Taylor     

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Mental5 (The Book) Podcast: Mental Skill of Concentration

Narrative by: Parrish Taylor

Mental (Athlete's Version) Chapter 6: Concentration - Parrish Owen Taylor     

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Mental5 (The Book) Podcast: Mental Skill of Communication

Narrative by: Parrish Owen Taylor

Mental (Athlete's Version): Communication - Parrish Owen Taylor     

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