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Sam Houston State U. Baseball

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What started with the YIPS – became a team wide project.

Coach Deggs found himself dealing with a case of the YIPS – something most coaches come across at some point in their career.  In this case, a bright young light (freshman) was suffering from a routine-task gone-astray.

We had the young athlete complete the Emotional Sports Inventory assessment to determine his strengths and weaknesses; based on the management report we were able to give him specific mental exercises to overcome the hurdles and fix the YIP.

At the same time, we gathered for a full day of education, instruction and application with both his coaching staff and the entire roster.


Athlete SurveysAthlete Feedback (1) (2) (3) (4

VCP – Craft Visual Communication Platform

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The “Craft” Visual Communication Platform (VCP) is “one of the most unique processes ever to be introduced on an industrial / construction project”.

Introduced in 2009 on a distress project in Port Arthur, Texas and since implemented on five (5) new project in the U.S. and Canada – We can literally drive your daily performance metrics (safety, schedule, and quality) using this innovative video strategy.

  • KPI Design Strategy: "From The Top" allows senior management to visually address the workforce continually (weekly/monthly) throughout the life of the project
  • KPI Design Strategy: "Real Stories from the Field" includes craft re-enactments and peer to peer engagement.
  • KPI Branding Strategy: BBS and other programs for top of mind awareness (visual impact)
  • KPI Design Strategy: "TimeOut for Safety" allows safety professional to high light leading and lagging indicators.
  • KPI Design Strategy: Learning aides are created in short two minute packages to allow for continued use and discussion points during weekly meetings.


The Breakdown: Case Study

See for your self how we break down our strategy step by step:


In the Beginning: 2009

Hear directly from the original client and stakeholder with this personal testimony and case study:

To view more on the VCP, visit the YouTube Playlist


To contact direct or request additional information please contact 866.487.2815.

Nebraska’s Alonzo Moore

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“We started working with Alonzo in May of 2010”, comments M.E.T. instructor Parrish Taylor.

“Our focus has been helping Alonzo create awareness to his thoughts and emotions”.  Alonzo has demonstrated athletic ability for the last several years, “here is where we take a strong player and achieve consistent performance”.

Coach Taylor suggests that learning critical thinking skills empowers Alonzo to achieve optimal performance on demand, both on the field as well as in the game.  Coach Taylor goes on to talk about one of Alonzo’s greatest achievements has been academically.

Like many young talented athletes, Alonzo struggled in the class room and at one time did not qualify academically.  “I remember watching Alonzo talking with the Nebraska quarterback coach during a recent campus visit.  For nearly an hour they would watch Nebraska plays and talk about play-options and reading the defense.  They role played and rehearsed scenarios of the Nebraska offense.  The observation was clear to Coach Taylor, “…when motivated, Alonzo can learn and adapt on demand.”  But why then did he struggle in the classroom?

Find out more about the case study with Alonzo Moore in Chapter 8 of the book release “Mental” Learning to Regulate the Chatter – Tate Publishing 2013.  Or visit the free Podcast on iTunes

  • Moore Mature Head Line
  • Young Alonzo Moore (2010)
  • #82 - Media day can go to your head - this boy is emotional intelligent (translation: Humble)
  • Nebraska's Alonzo Moore
  • #82 - Media Day is time for attention!
  • #82 - Alonzo with a front row seat to the goal line.
  • #82 - Side line salutes from Coaches as Alonzo takes care of business.


EQ4 Law Enforcement

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Consult | EQ Training:

It’s a thin blue line for those in the law enforcement family – when contacted by the Director at the Regional Training Academy for law enforcement – it was clearly an EQ conversation that was long over due.

Two pilot programs were implemented educating senior officers (and some military veterans) – both projects received exceptional ratings.

To review the participant feedback surveys, down load the workshop brochure or watch the promotional video – please go to the EQ4 Law Enforcement web page or call 866.487.2815.


Florida Tech Institute

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Consult | EQ Training:

“Parrish’s understanding of emotional intelligence and his ability to relate this information to athletes is exceptional.

I sat in on three (3), two (2) hour sessions with our student-­athletes when he spoke to them and I was amazed at his ability to relate to each of the groups.

It has been said that an audience has a limited capacity to concentrate on a speaker. When Parrish ’trained’ our students-athletes, I watched as their attention increased during each of the two (2) hour sessions. What he has to say and how he relates it is powerful. I’m certain that each of these athletes put into practice what he had to say.

By sharing with them what typically is in the mind of each of us as we perform the task at hand, he is able to help them transform their mindset by mapping out strategies to unleash their full potential; this is what each athlete wants to hear. He teaches them how to focus better, and eliminate the distractions and negative thoughts that affect their actions.

I have found myself practicing many of the strategies that he teaches with good results. Once you understand what is limiting your performance, you are in a better position to do something about it, and Parrish helps you in both of these areas.

His enthusiasm and passion for this field is contagious, and I encourage anyone who wants their teams to perform at a higher level to reach out to Parrish Taylor—you won’t be disappointed.”

Bill Jurgens

Director of Athletics – Florida Tech

  • FIT Swim Coach: Justin Andrade believes in EQ training.


For more information on we can bring this innovative EQ training to your team or campus please call 866.487.2815.


Grant Training Programs

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Consult | Grant Writing | EQ Training | Administration:

Pre approval is fast and easy – Please visit our web page or call for more information.


The Incumbent Workers Training Program (IWTP) was originally introduced in 1999; since that time Taylor-Made Concepts, Inc (TMC) has been active participant in the program. In 2004, Taylor-Made became one of the first “private” training providers authorized by the Louisiana Department of Labor. To date, Taylor-Made has assisted Louisiana employers in utilizing over $600,000 in training grants through the Incumbent Worker’s Training program.

Bechtel Corporation

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Consult | Design | Produce:

The corporate EH&S team wanted to use video to launch a branding & cause marketing campaign.  There were two different projects: EH&S Special Report and The Top Five (5) – each with it’s own unique scope of use video messaging to motivate, educate and refresh both corporate and field personnel.

Each scope included promoting critical statistics and visual elements. This design included a custom studio and newscaster delivery with graphic and image support from several of the clients projects (2012). The messaging included corrective actions and subtle refreshers with  unscripted interviews (extremely rare at the time) with both safety and executive teams – speaking candidly, sincerely to deliver the message.

  • Brendon Bechtel interview by P Taylor during executive team interviews (unscripted)
  • Joe Thompson interview by P Taylor during executive team interviews (unscripted)
  • Leading & Lagging indicators drive the critical message for top of mind awareness.
  • Organizational wide - visual communication to communicate global project goals

The trade secret after two decades of designing content is “sizzle” and “substance”.  High end video production with custom, relevant content. For more information on our Consulting | Design or Production capabilities, please contact 866.487.2815.

Motiva Crude Expansion Project

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Consult | Design | Production:

In 2009 during the reset for the Motiva Crude Expansion project (Port Arthur, TX) – we where able to design and implement the first VCP (video communication platform).

Initially hired to support a new behavior based safety program we quickly began developing innovative ways to use video to directly impact attitudes and behavior on the project.  The initial strategy was to use video for branding and keeping critical programs in front of the craft with a weekly all-hands-meetings featuring the video deliverables.

  • KPI Design Strategy: "From The Top" allows senior management to visually address the workforce continually (weekly/monthly) throughout the life of the project
  • KPI Design Strategy: "Real Stories from the Field" includes craft re-enactments and peer to peer engagement.
  • KPI Branding Strategy: BBS and other programs for top of mind awareness (visual impact)
  • KPI Design Strategy: "TimeOut for Safety" allows safety professional to high light leading and lagging indicators.
  • KPI Design Strategy: Learning aides are created in short two minute packages to allow for continued use and discussion points during weekly meetings.

Quickly realizing the impact video was making we develop specific packages – each package with a specific purpose to drive the different performance metrics on the project. The project stats indicated an immediate response in safety-participation within the first 30 days of implementation and sustained it’s self long after the BBS programs were over.

As the early video deliverables started to become a critical and even expected part of the daily work plan – we were able to explore new avenues on how to design video to directly impact safety, quality and schedule of work.

By the time the project drew near an end the video crew had acquired of 75 hours of raw video.  It was only natural we utilize the video to design and produce a final “End of Project” Documentary.

Learn More

The original VCP design/solution has since been implemented on several projects for this Oil & Gas client – to include the U.S. and Canada. The final edited videos are not available to the public. To view or for more information on the VCP design or to learn more please call 866.487.2815.

Pepco Holding, Inc.

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Consult | Design | Production:

The client conducted a root cause analysis on equipment failure. It was determined that a training course needed to be developed for incumbent and new hire employees on proper use of equipment.

As an approved vendor for PHI (Pepco Holding, Inc.) headquartered in Washington DC, a turn key solution was created to include subject matter experts, technical writing, design and layout using the client’s existing safety procedures, custom video, power point and instructor’s guide with knowledge test.

Scope of Work:

  • Subject Matter Experts – High Voltage Line mechanics
  • Instructional Designers – Incorporating new company and compliance education
  • Audio/Video/Graphic Designers – Full creative team for media deliverables

The project was successfully completed and was scheduled for implementation into employee training 1st quarter of 2008.

Red Simpson Inc

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Grant | Design | Produce | Deliver:

Before online or blended learning was the ‘norm’ – this innovative solution was one of the first online blended learning orientation programs for high voltage line mechanics.

TMC created a solution to track employee progress through training (technical, compliance and on-boarding).  A portion of the program was technical training and teaching line mechanics to utilize the computer and on screen interface (2004).

The solution involved video capture of an orientation class for online use and tracking employee progress through the course. A custom learning management system was designed to deliver and track employee progress.  The orientation video was then edited for the web and converted for chapter-based online delivery. The orientation, along with other select content, was then launched through a custom learning management system.

The LMS was modified to meet the client’s specific documentation needs in order to fulfill the grant requirements. This included a requirement that employees acknowledge viewing of the training video and a test that informed the student of what material should be reviewed further in trouble areas. Course performance reflected both tests completed and the amount of time it took students to complete courses.

  • Video delivery with lesson objectives referenced as material.
  • Online hosted solution tested to work on most browsers/platforms.
  • Tracking of student progress via test scores and time to complete course.