Windows (Self-Concept)


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Windows of Self-Concept™ [Critical Decision Making Model]

Self-Concept is one of the greatest discoveries of our generation – the idea, we each have our own idea, about “self”.  Your past and the past of your colleagues, your present contribution and the presence of others in your day, even your hopes, dreams and possibilities of the future and how others fit in – it all matters with The Windows of Self-Concept.  Using this simple decision making model of regulating the past, present and future thought-patterns, learn to drop the chains from mistakes, and be your very best in the moment.

Level: Basic

Applications: Personal Performance, Mind & Meaning, Health & Wellness, Leadership Influence, Relationships & Unity, Career & Business

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MindSet Systems Training Flowchart

The Flowchart provides a simple view of how each of the six (6) training systems work together.  A holistic approach to developing mental and emotional skill sets for team & personal best.  Be sure to watch the short videos below for a brief overview of the benefits for each training system.  Flowchart



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