The page contains live video segments featured during the breakout session

iP Safety Expo Louisville KY 2017


Learning Aides:

Easy to understand models and simple application strategies to developing critical thinking skills.  Our proprietary models offer personal performance strategies as well as intervention steps for management teams and crew leaders.


The Product:

Tactical EQ4 Electric Utilities develops mental skills and competencies most often found in top performers; supported by the science of emotional intelligence.  Distraction training, concentration skill and Navy Seals brain training are all featured in this six (6) hour basic level class.



The Master Trainer:

As a practitioner in emotional intelligence, Parrish has invested his entire life perfecting his craft, his presentation and his message.  Taking complex topics and using his unique communication style and personality to re-enforce critical learning objectives — enhanced learning and long-term applications.




What you are seeing:

Our Master Trainer

  • We share ’em, Parrish’s unique presentation style engages learning
  • Best applications to his skills are to train your frontline management teams & crew leaders

A Subject Matter Expert in Emotional Quotient

  • Our Founder & Master Trainer is the most competent in emotional quotient (25 yr practitioner)
  • If you develop, incorporate EQ skills and competencies into your existing training curriculums
  • Ask About – Profiling Instruments for recruiting, promotions and/or leadership development

Our Product – Educational Skill Development

  • Tactical EQ4 Electric Utilities (Basic Level I) Distraction Training
  • An introduction to emotional intelligence skills and abilities
  • Easy application models for daily disciplines (habit loop conditioning)


EQ Leadership Lessons:

Mental and emotional skills for the new paradigm – all the workforce gaps (age, skill level, communication ability, generations, personalities).  Emotional intelligence training is your competitive advantage in keeping top performance with long-term benefits to work / life balance.


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