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Poor judgement and childlike behavior… experts call it “an emotional highjack

We teach “EQ applied” – directly impacting personal performance and leadership influence. Given your unique business model or personal path, you will soon find that emotional quotient and emotional intelligence apply to pretty much everything – its new science applied to human nature.

Parrish O. Taylor

Founder | Managing Director


What is Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training?

There is a new technical skill set and competency model for hiring the right people.  In the recent workforce paradigm-shift, experience and education say very little about the emotional quotient. Emotional intelligence leadership training teaches new emotional intelligence skill sets, new behaviors will directly impact proficiency and bottom line profits.

Learning to be intelligent about emotions directly benefits critical decision making on the job and that critical human-interface when team members routinely deal with conflict and stress.  The social competency models of emotional intelligence have direct impact on leadership influence and team-unity.

Our Emotional intelligence leadership training program provides Emotional Intelligence Training for Managers to enable them to make better decisions in hiring and also in stressful situations.  This in turn develops them into better leaders and results in improved team productivity and consequently lower attrition and improved productivity.  This Leadership Coaching Training program is beneficial to all levels of managers and supervisors across all industries.

Our leadership coaching and training instructional design develops the five (5) core competencies of emotional intelligence while introducing a series of critical-decision-making models (CDM).  A best practice for adult learning and applying key lesson objectives, our CDM models offer quick, simple and on-demand thought-processes for creative problem solving, adapting to change, clarity of thought and effective conflict resolution.




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Case Studies:

Law Enforcement Training Programs | TMC Training

Over two (2) decades of serving clients by developing their people.  We’ve worked with a very diverse group of skills and talent across many different work environments and cultures. Serving the U.S. and Canada in the public and private sector our industry experience expands from Oil & Gas, Electric Utility, Law Enforcement and Sports and Athletics. TMC_Case Studies v1 (2016)

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Industry Spotlight: Oil & Gas | Industrial Construction


Industry Spotlight: Electric Utility

Louisiana Works
Our founder has deep roots in the Electric Utility sector, in the very skilled niche of Line Mechanics.  His father, a line mechanic for Public Service of Indiana back in the 1960’s, would often get called out to a suicide-mission, what is now called a highly skilled storm restoration.  The technical skills training for line mechanics has changed drastically over the years and we believe in being a stakeholder in this industry by implementing innovative ways to educate and train front line managers and new apprentice. Learn MoreRequest A Call

Project Spotlight: Corporate Teams


Project Spotlight: Workforce Training Grants

Louisiana Works
Emotional Intelligence skill sets and competencies are now classified as technical skills for leadership and front line supervisors.  As an approved training provider for the Louisiana Workforce Commission we can provide Grant Services under the Incumbent Workers Training Program (I.W.T.P.).  Turn-key services to include organizational assessments, grant writing, coordination and administration.  To find out if your  State offers the I.W.T.P. program simply call 866.487.2815. Learn MoreRequest A Call




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