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REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday March 22nd 2023 | EQ4 Young Athletes featuring the book “Mental5” – Mental toughness and the ability to  focus for clutch performance comes from developing these five (5) critical thinking skills. A simple, proven development strategy to building better athlete’s at crunch time. Based on Neurology and the science of emotional intelligence. Top coaches and athlete’s understand pressure and what it means to stay focused on the task… now we can teach this critical mindset!  Team and Group Discounts available.  For multiple seats or more information please email

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Anatomy of The Clutch Workshop

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday March 22nd 2023

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Here is what you get in this Two (2) hour workshop:

  1. Mental 5 – Five (5) critical thinking skills & how to develop
  2. Brain Training Techniques from the Navy Seals (Big4)
  3. Subject Matter Experts on the emotional brain (Anatomy of the Choke)
  4. Immediate hands-on/mind-on activities to begin practicing


Benefits to this mental skill based training:

  • Performance Improvement strategies directly impacting your game stats
  • Corrective Actions to regulating disruptive thoughts and negative emotions
  • Rapid Recovery Techniques for optimal performance (The Zone)
  • Long term strength and conditioning strategies for health & wellness


Date | Times | Location:

  • Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2023
  • Time: 9:30 Registration 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown

*This workshop will benefit all sports programs & competitive levels 14-29 years of age.



Testimonial: NCAA Division 2 Athletic Director

“The EQ4 Mental  program teaches a young athlete how to focus better, and eliminate the distractions and negative thoughts that affect their actions. I have found myself practicing many of the strategies with good results.

Florida Institute of Technology Former Athletic Director – Mr. Bill Jurgens






Choke Prevention: Understanding the Emotional Brain

Coaches and players at all competitive levels can directly benefit from building their mental and emotional skill sets.  By learning to be intelligent (mental skills) about feelings (emotional skills) an athlete directly improves personal performance in the clutch; as well as life and relational benefits off the field.  The social competencies of Emotional Intelligence directly impact leadership influence for coaches and team-unity among players.

research-graphic_sportsOnly recently have we been able to take the mind into the weight room and begin to understand the complex thoughts and critical thinking skills of top performers.  Now, based on modern technology we can teach new skill sets in the clutch while better understanding the “choke”.






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Promotional Videos:




  • Athlete’s Skill Assessment:  One of the greatest innovations of our decade for recruiting and developing human talent.  Utilize this online athlete’s assessment to create a benchmark for the top ten emotional skills required for elite, optimal performance…  to include a custom development plan based on the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Coaching Tracks:  Mental and Emotional development programs for coaches to seamlessly incorporate into daily practice activities and drill stations; specifically addressing the habit loop for consistent, sustainable performance within practice and during competitive play.


  • Parenting Tracks:  Parents of young aspiring athletes have a mental and emotional roll to play in developing a young athlete’s full potential.  Now, using state of the art science with proven mental techniques to build the mental and emotional skill sets critical for elite athletic performance.