Mental5 Workshop with Warren Morris

Mental5 Workshop with Warren Morris

Mental5 – You will learn how to develop these critical thinking skills for quick recovery and corrective actions.

These techniques apply to every athletic sport –

Enjoy a dynamic and educational workshop with LSU Baseball Legend Warren Morris, and Master Trainer Parrish Owen Taylor. Together they bring you the latest in mental skills training coupled with personal experience and hands-on exercises you can begin immediately!

Please call for availability and fee schedules.  Be sure to ask about our fundraising option for your club or team.

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Mental5 With Warren Morris:


To schedule a training or fundraising event, please contact 1.866.487.2815 for more information.



One of the most innovative performance enhancement programs on the market today.  Simple to understand and begin implementing into your daily routines with immediate stat-impact GUARANTEED!

The latest in brain training coupled with actual major league lessons from LSU Legend and retire MLB player – Warren Morris and Master Trainer Parrish O. Taylor.



Sample Enrollment Form (PDF): M5 Warren Morris Baton Rouge Enrollment




Check out these learning aides with Warren Morris.


Here is what you get:

Join Warren Morris and Parrish Taylor as they bring you dynamic learning aides and other innovative training techniques for you to improve you athletic performance – immediately!

Each participant will receive:

  • Mental5 Mindset Exercises
  • Mental5 – The Book
  • Mental5 w/ Warren Morris – Journal
  • Online Access to videos, worksheets and more!

Be sure to ask about FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES by hosting your own public or private event, please call 866.487.2815.


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The workshop promises to be both fun and educational.  You will learn more about:

    • Understanding the Athlete’s Brain (dynamic video learning aides)
    • Navy Seals Brain Training Techniques (how they train for pressure)
    • Hands On / Mind On Exercises (daily routines for the habit loop)
    • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (skills framework)
    • Learning Guides & Workbook (applications after class)

For complete details on this event please down load and print the enrollment brochure above.



Mental & Emotional Training: Promotional Videos



Additional Development Services:

  • Personal MindSet Coach: Go one on one with your own MindSet Coach!  You will develop a specific MindSet development plan specifically designed for your strengths and weaknesses.


  • MindSet Consulting: Develop you own in-house MindSet program with support from our international consulting team; utilize our training content and online support services to improve your development program(s).


  • Athlete’s Skill Assessment:  One of the greatest innovations of our decade for recruiting and developing human talent.  Utilize this online athlete’s assessment to create a benchmark for the top ten emotional skills required for elite, optimal performance…  to include a custom development plan based on the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.


You are 30 minutes away from learning to regulate your chatter – Schedule the Call