Below are a few articles supporting the evidence for emotional intelligence training with the law enforcement profession.  Our service to this cause is based on a simple proprietary learning system designed to develop the core competencies of emotional intelligence.

These articles and other evidence based facts are the source and basis for our training content and design; a simple learning system empowering quick understanding and application strategies; daily routines all found within the task of regulating both thoughts and emotions.

Law Enforcement Reviews

  1. Article_Fresno Police Department EI and the Law Enforcement Connections Famer 2012
  2. Article_InPUBLIC Safety Managing Law Enforcement Stress Through Emotional Intelligence Bond 2014
  3. Article_MultiBrief EI Rethinking police‑community relations Bond 2014
  4. Article_Partners The-National-Crisis-in-Law-Enforcement-Training_PLE-Report Gillespie 2015
  5. Article_Patrol Officers EQ Success Predictor Rible 2012
  6. Article_Police Magazine Police and PTSD 2013
  7. Article_PoliceChief EI in Policing Saville 2015
  8. Article_PoliceChief EI Practical Advice for Law Officers Ftich 2016
  9. Article_PoliceChief Understanding EI for officer growth and budgets Turner 2009
  10. Article_San Marino Police Department Police EQ Testing for Police Applicants Farris 2012
  11. Article_TheGoodMenProject EI and Law A conversation way past due McCloskey 2014

Military Reviews

  1. Article_AirSpaceJournal EI Implications for All United States Air Force Leaders 2002
  2. Article_MiitaryReview EI and the Army Leadership Reuirements Model 2009
  3. Article_MilitaryReview How EI can make a difference 2011

Medical Reviews:

  1. PTSD is the Amygdala Hijacking Joe’s Brain | Psychology Today

TMC Reviews:

  1. EQ4 Law_Problem Statements & Recommendations
  2. EQ4 Law_Statement to Work


If you have additional research or articles supporting the cause for emotional intelligence in the police profession, please forward to or contact us directly at 866.487.2815.