M-Metrics (Maturity)


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Maturity Metrics™ [Critical Decision Making Model]

The ultimate in maturity is full responsibility to one’s own thoughts (1), feelings (2) and actions (3).  Learning how to regulate all three based on the measure of personal accountability is why this is an advanced leadership lesson plan.  The Maturity Metrics™ model is a simple, daily thought-process to learn self-awareness skills and self-regulation strategies.  Using this model is personal, daily accountability to immature thoughts and emotions and how to handle based on a mature, rational set of guidelines (for all three).  This model also applies to immature behaviors within relationships.  A simple set of mature guidelines to prevent the emotional highjack and the immature-slip that threatens us all every waking day of our lives.

Level: Advanced

Applications: Personal Performance, Mind & Meaning, Health & Wellness, Leadership Influence, Relationships & Unity, Career & Business

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MindSet Systems Training Flowchart

The Flowchart provides a simple view of how each of the six (6) training systems work together.  A holistic approach to developing mental and emotional skill sets for team & personal best.  Be sure to watch the short videos below for a brief overview of the benefits for each training system.  Flowchart



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