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Master-Program™ [Critical Decision Making Model]

The ultimate in maturity is full responsibility.

You demonstrate maturity in the way you manage your own thoughts (1), feelings (2) and actions/behavior (3). Learning how to regulate all three based on the measure of personal accountability is why this is an advanced leadership lesson plan.

The Maturity Metrics™ model is a simple, daily thought-process to learn self-awareness skills and self-regulation strategies.  Using this model is personal, daily accountability to immature thoughts and emotions and how to handle based on a mature, rational set of guidelines (for all three).

This model also applies to immature behaviors within relationships.  A simple set of mature guidelines to prevent the emotional highjack and the immature-slip that threatens us all every waking day of our lives.


Level: Advanced Leadership

Personal accountability; social-awareness and social-persuasion model


Applications: Law Enforcement, Sports & Athletics, Electric Utility, Oil & Gas Industrial Construction, General Industry, Optimal Personal Performance, Creative Problem Solving, Effective Conflict Resolution, Leadership Influence.



You are 30 minutes away from learning The Master Program – 

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MindSet Systems Training Flowchart


The Flowchart provides a simple view of how each of the six (6) training systems work together.  A holistic approach to developing mental and emotional skill sets for team & personal best.  Be sure to watch the short videos below for a brief overview of the benefits for each training system.  Flowchart

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