Emotional Intelligence Partner

Emotional intelligence skills are the best success predicator –

We now understand how our top performers got things done, whether routine or safety critical tasks, there (was) and is a unique combination of technical skills and emotional intelligence skills.

Develop these emotional intelligence skills within your workforce from cradle-to-grave and your workflow and profitability will sustain even increase.

Hesitate to develop these skills and your project will be plagued with human errors resulting in rework, loss time, loss talent and history teaches safety incidents and tragedies.

Our instructional design and best practices support the development of three (3) specific learning objectives:  Human Performance, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Decision-Making Models for rapid recovery and corrective action techniques.

The five (5) core competencies of emotional intelligence are now proven applicable to individual performance as well as leadership influence and effectiveness.  Our critical-decision making models (proprietary) provide quick, simple and on-demand thought-processes when mitigating known human factors like distractions, confusion and complacency just to name a few.

Training and Content Provider

Operational Teams and Field Craft Professionals benefit from human performance education and training.

Human performance tools and processes rely on emotional intelligence competencies at individual and team levels of performance.

Classroom workshops and training content uniquely customized for enterprise-wide implementation with a unique application to participant tasks – routine or safety critical.

A unique instructor and content for inside and outside line worker personalities;

This course supports continuing education of emotional intelligence skills and development for personal performance, team-unity and leadership influence.  Most applicable for problem solving, adapting to change and conflict resolution.

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EQ Management Profile

A frontline management assessment of the Top 10 Management Functions.

An online questionnaire with custom report evaluating each category; used for developing career training tracks for long term employee-engagement.

Top ten topics include:

  1. Executive Approach
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Delegation
  4. Decision Making
  5. Planning
  6. Resolving Conflicts
  7. Leadership Motivation
  8. Criticism
  9. Time Management
  10. Managing Change.

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Distraction Training: Classroom Education

Technical skills combined with Emotional Intelligence skills.

This course is specifically designed for Inside and Outside Line mechanics.

There is a new technical skill set and competency model that improves performance in the field, and leadership abilities among frontline managers.

We have always had high performers in outside line – we now understand there were two sets of skills – technical and emotional intelligence.

This course was originally designed and implemented in 2014 as a human performance initiative to improve emotional intelligence skills for frontline leaders within a prominent U.S. Electric Utility.

This course is proven to impact positive change within the subculture crews within your organization.  Course content has been adapted as a trainer the trainer for the Electrical Training Alliance and National Training Institute.

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Field Supervisor Testimonies:

Our classroom education and training will directly support your workforce development initiatives.  The key lesson objective is for participants to gain a new level of understanding to skills and abilities they use every day.

Case Studies:


Over three (3) decades of serving clients by developing their people. We’ve worked with a very diverse group of skills and talent across many different work environments and cultures.

Serving the U.S. and Canada in the public and private sector our industry experience expands from Oil & Gas, Electric Utility, Law Enforcement and Sports and Athletics. TMC_Case Studies

Industry Stakeholder:

Since 2018 PenDelJersey Chapter’s Foreman Institute initiative, to supporting NECA National virtually during the pandemic, and now live sessions from Nashville, Austin and now Philadelphia.  We are proud to support and add value to our industry partners.

What started in 2018 as an online initiative to support ETA’s Outside Line Initiative using their Learning Management System has now developed into a JATC Train the Trainer Human Performance Part 2 sixteen (16) hour course delivered annually at the National Training Institute in Ann Arbor, MI.  This course now offers 1.7 C.E.U.s

What Others Are Saying:

Actual Course Evaluations (Click Here) – from 30 year veterans to new members of the workforce; from engineers and project managers to line technicians.

The course content and instructor have a unique way of introducing difficult concepts and making them user-friendly, more importantly applicable into daily tasks and routines.