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Three (3) simple MENTAL CORE exercises you practice daily to develop your emotional quotient.  A cause and effect methodology, these exercises develop mental and emotional skill sets critical for high performance under pressure. Direct benefits will include clarity of thought and decision making, the ability to adapt to change with flexible responses and so much more pertaining to personal performance and team unity. Remember, we develop daily not in a day. To learn more, simply request your no-risk coaching session today!




Core 1 Chatter_logo

Chatter Regulation: The first core exercise develops the emotional intelligence skill sets of self-awareness and self-regulation. Simple exercises practiced daily, intentional to the task.  An individual tool as well as an accountability measure for the MindSet Coach. When it comes to keeping your mind focused under pressure, top performers have the ability to block out any un-necessary distractions both externally in the environment as well as internally with chatter-regulation.






Core 2 3D_logo3 Dimensional Stretch: The second core exercise tackles the most difficult emotional intelligence skill set to teach, self-motivation.  The new frontier requires a three (3) dimensional model when developing a human being to perform at optimal levels during a specific task. We teach this as a personal three-digit code. Everyone has a code, and it’s now a competitive secret.






Core 3 Task_logoEQ Task Analysis: Advanced level – The third core exercise refines the brain & body sync.  New science validates every top performer must align the thought-process to support how the body should respond for stressful situations.  A step by step journaling process creates a written action plan based on the chatter-regulation skills now supported with a 3D approach.  All three core exercises practiced daily provide the critical thinking skills for optimal performance when the pressure is on.





You are 30 minutes away from learning Core MindSet Exercises – Schedule the Call


MindSet Systems Training Flowchart

The Flowchart provides a simple view of how each of the six (6) training systems work together.  A holistic approach to developing mental and emotional skill sets for team & personal best.  Be sure to watch the short videos below for a brief overview of the benefits for each training system.  Flowchart








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