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Master-Program™ [Critical Decision Making Model]

Every thought you allow in your chatter is being captured and recorded in your own personal “DVR”.

All of your failures and all of your fears are seared into your mind and stored for future reference. Regulating a thought-process using emotional intelligence skills are how we learn to overcome, grow and move on.

This critical lesson plan is simple to understand using excerpts from Dr. Waitley’s Psychology of Winning (1979). Discover how difficult times and adversity are testing grounds for your ability (skill) to regulate all that chatter in your head.

Understanding the new science is simple using a thinking brain / feeling brain model.  Learning how emotional highjacks become bad habits and how to mitigate behavior change starts here.


Level: Advanced Leadership

Understanding conditioning, personal accountability at the seconds level of self awareness and self regulation


Applications: Law Enforcement, Sports & Athletics, Electric Utility, Oil & Gas Industrial Construction, General Industry, Optimal Personal Performance, Adapting to Change, Creative Problem Solving, Effective Conflict Resolution, Leadership Influence.



You are 30 minutes away from learning The Master Program – 

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MindSet Systems Training Flowchart

The Flowchart provides a simple view of how each of the six (6) training systems work together.  A holistic approach to developing mental and emotional skill sets for team & personal best.  Be sure to watch the short videos below for a brief overview of the benefits for each training system.  Flowchart

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