It is our goal to be your development partner – developing these critical skill sets quickly and consistently to sustain long term growth.

Articles & White Paper:

As an ongoing effort to validate and refine our own training products and programs we will continue to post relevant articles supporting the cause for emotional intelligence in athletic development.

  1. Article Psychology of Sport & Exercise_Self Talk (2015)
  2. Article Sports Coach Emotional intelligence
  3. Article Train The Brain
  4. Article Our Brain’s Negative Bias | Psychology Today
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  8. Article Using EI in coaching high performance athletes (Highlights)
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  10. Article Sports Coach: Emotional intelligence: Could it be the answer
  11. Article NFL EQ White Paper
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  17. Article Eagles owner says next coacho value ’emotional intelligence’ –
  18. Article 24 Sport Emotion Questionnaire
  19. Article_Sports Coaching Journal (EQ)


Regardless of your role in an athlete’s training and development plan – you have a new responsibility to share, communicate and develop these critical skill sets and promote the process of emotional maturity.