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We keep learning new mental & emotional skills simple –

Our instructional design and best practices support the development of two specific innovative competency models – Emotional Quotient and Mental5.

The five (5) core competencies of emotional intelligence are now considered innovative braining training.  Our critical-decision making models (proprietary) provide quick, simple and on-demand thought-processes athlete’s can use when feeling the pressure.

Based on a variety of supporting evidence found in the field of Neuroscience and demonstrated by new brain training techniques featured by the US Department of Defense, our MindSet Training System is the new strong for personal performance in the clutch.

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The entire M.E.T. curriculum is based on science and the most recent documentaries on the brain’s stress response system, to include the latest in brain training with our Navy Seals found in San Diego, CA.  Be sure to check out our EQ Athletic Profiling Instruments – you can benchmark the skill sets and get to work like any other muscle.

Testimonial: NCAA Division 2 Athletic Director

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“The MindSet program teaches a young athlete how to focus better, and eliminate the distractions and negative thoughts that affect their actions. I have found myself practicing many of the strategies with good results.

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Florida Institute of Technology – Mr. Bill Jurgens

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Choke Prevention: Understanding the emotional highjack

Coaches and players at all competitive levels can directly benefit from building their mental and emotional skill sets.  By learning to be intelligent (mental skills) about feelings (emotional skills) an athlete directly improves personal performance in the clutch; as well as life and relational benefits off the field.  The social competencies of Emotional Intelligence directly impact leadership influence for coaches and team-unity among players.

research-graphic_sportsOnly recently have we been able to take the mind into the weight room and begin to understand the complex thoughts and critical thinking skills of top performers.  Now, based on modern technology we can teach new skill sets in the clutch while better understanding the “choke”.

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