EQ4 Electric Utilities: Distraction Training Level I – (1 Day)

$ 2,500.00

Basic Level I: This one-day skills course contains educational content on the science of emotional intelligence and how to proactively deal with daily distractions by developing the technical skill of concentration.  Designed for management teams and crew leaders, this course provides Navy Seals brain training techniques as well as simple, actionable models to use for personal performance and leadership intervention.

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Complimentary Discovery: Course & Workbook customization includes a complimentary discovery with one of our Human Performance Consultants.

This one-day skills course contains educational content on the science of emotional intelligence and how to develop the technical skill of concentration daily. By developing the “self-awareness” and “self-regulation” competencies found in the skills framework of emotional intelligence (Goleman 1995), direct benefits of this training will improve focus and develop new observation skills for navigating personal and team distractions throughout the day



Type: Education | Personal performance | Leadership Influence

Who should attend:

  • Management Teams (Operations)
  • Crew Leaders (Field)
  • Learning & Talent Management Professionals

Host: Clients designation

Course Description: (PDF)

  • Custom workbooks based on HPI discovery
  • Avg. cost $35/per

*Price points do not include trainer travel and/or lodging expenses.




Lesson Objectives:

New evidence in the field of neuroscience demonstrates how distractions can come from both external factors in the environment, and internal factors that we can now study and teach. Using dynamic video on the brain-body-sync this course demonstrates how the brain will either help or hurt the most routine well-trained tasks, to the most complex and hazardous tasks.


  • Emotional Intelligence – Introduction to the science of training the brain featuring the US Department of Defense Braining Training Techniques (Navy Seals Big4).  We teach the Map5 for on demand applications.


  • Self Awareness & Self Regulation Skill Sets – Heart rate and breathing patterns are critical indicators of personal stress levels, too much or too little can impact decisions, state of mind and ability to perform as trained; learn hands on techniques to ensure accurate self-assessment prior to engaging a hazardous task.


  • Mental 5 – Cognitive thinking skills, accessible on demand before, during and immediately following the task improves personal performance and quality of life; develop new strategies to observe and potentially short-circuit distress prior to escalation.


  • Discussion Guides & Exercises – New observation strategies based on visual, verbal and vocal channels; learn self-awareness and self-regulation strategies and how to improve influence and problem solving prior to escalating a situation out of control.



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