Mental5 (MET1): Psychological skills

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Your thoughts will have a natural “negative-bias”. A tendency to repeat what’s wrong, what’s lacking – things that are not right will frequently dominate your thoughts. Personal best begins with regulating your thoughts and learning to regulate your emotions.  Here are five (5) simple ideas how to regulate your chatter daily for a personal best in everything you do. Simple ideas you can use and share with those you influence.


Formats: Personal & Team Coaching | Training

Length: 3 hours

Full Course Overview: MET Flowchart (web) 2016

Mental5 (Module #1) Introduces you and your team to five (5) simple cognitive thinking skills to regulating disruptive thoughts, an introduction to the “chatter” and how words and mental pictures are randomly flashing throughout the day; promotes personal responsibility enabling self-confidence and self-motivation; includes cognitive recovery techniques for disruptive thoughts and emotions.



Lesson Objectives: This lesson promotes personal responsibility to regulating disruptive thoughts through cognitive therapy.

EQ Skill Objectives: The training module supports the on-going development of keystone habits for “Self-Awareness”, “Self-Regulation” & “Self Motivation”.

After completing this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Define Chatter as words and mental pictures
  • Identify the five (5) mental skills to regulating words and mental pictures
  • Identify routine tasks when the skills are being applied
  • Successfully complete a 3D Task Analysis for a chosen task
  • Provide personal experiences of distress when the skills would be useful






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