Master Program (MET5): Conditioning Strategies

$ 2,500.00


Master Program:

Educates on the conscious and subconscious mind; this lesson places a high priority on daily routines and the habit loop.  Using dynamic learning aides on the brain and featuring Dr. Denis Waitly’s segments from “the judge” and “the robot” this module teaches daily conditioning exercises to strengthen the mental and emotional skill sets outline in Mental5 and Emotional Quotient.


EQ Lesson Objectives:

  • Self Awareness Competencies (skill set #1)
  • Self Regulation Competencies (skill set #2)
  • Self Motivation Competencies (skill set #3)

Lesson Objectives:

Provides a simple set of instructions on the value of monitoring thought pattens and emotional states throughout the day; journaling when necessary to ensure the critical decision making pattern that can be reconciled with pre-conceived plans.

Length: 2 hours

Location: Client’s location

Application: Personal performance, improvement, work life balance

Who Should Attend: Managment teams, Crew Leaders

Workbooks: Yes

Online Assessments: Yes (optional)