DVD: EQ4 Athletic Coaches (Live 2014) Instant Access!

$ 499.95

Recorded live in Baton Rouge, LA (2014) (Plus Free eBook!)

Bring your coaches up to speed with the next frontier in athletic development.  This 10 chapter video will introduce you to the new science of emotional intelligence (E.I.) in athletics.  Master Trainer and Author, Parrish Owen Taylor introduces you to the science of E.I., new recruiting and development profiles and the five mental skills featured in his book – Mental “Learning To Regulate The Chatter”

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Limited Time Offer: Instantly download the Mental ebook and get started building your own MindSet program today!

Instant access to the video training upon completion of your purchase.  Your EQ Coach will contact you to schedule your 60 minute complimentary Coaching Session.

For more questions or more information, please contact 866.487.2815

Here is what you get:

  1. Ten (10) Video Chapters (see below)
  2. One (1) 60 minute EQ Coaching Session
  3. Five (5) Coach-Copies of Mental (The Book)


Ten (10) Video Chapters:

Peronsal Training Thumb

The video training coupled with your 60 minute EQ Coaching session will provide you and your coaches with new insights to athlete performance.  Simple and easy to use ideas that you can bring in-house to create your own MindSet Training Program.

Bonus: 60 Minutes with an EQ Coach (conference call or Skype)

Video Chapter Titles:

  1. Introduction
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Profile: ESI Assessment
  4. Mental 5
  5. Skill #1 Communication
  6. Skill #2 Concentration
  7. Skill #3 Organization
  8. Skill #4 Discrimination
  9. Skill #5 Innovation
  10. Coaches Challenge

#2 Mental (The Book):

Mental (Book) Athletics_product art

This book is a workout guide as much as it is education.  As you train and develop withyour personal Mind-Set Coach the book and online resources will support your daily routines.  In simple terms, learn to develop these five (5) critical thinking skills & abilities: communication, concentration, organization, discrimination and innovation.  Simple skills for consistent, personal best under pressure… complete with skills and guiding principles to practice in daily routines.

Bundle Includes: Five (5) copies for coaches to review and discuss ways to implement into daily routines and drill exercises.

For more questions or more information, please contact 866.487.2815