Windows of Self (MET3): Image | Ideal | Esteem

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Windows of Self-Concept:

Three windows your thoughts will appear – the past, the present or the future.  For personal performance, thoughts focused on the now is critical.  As thoughts drift into the other windows, the skill is to bring the thought-patterns back to the now-window.  The past-window will contain negative thoughts, experiences, and emotions… this course teaches how to navigate (such at PTSD strategies).  In the same respect, thoughts in the future-window may distract or even create negative emotions like grief and sorrow.  These too must be regulated properly using this simple “windows” model.


EQ Lesson Objectives:

  • Self Awareness Competencies (skill set #1)
  • Self Regulation Competencies (skill set #2)
  • Self Motivation Competencies (skill set #3)


Lesson Objectives:

Thought from the past can hinder and distract the present; mis understanding the importance of keeping your thought patterns in the present can become life threatening; failing to understand how future thoughts pertain to your current health and well being are all included in this module..


Length: 2 hours


Location: Client’s location


Application: Problem solving, adapting to change and/or conflict resolution


Who Should Attend: Managment teams, Crew Leaders


Workbooks: Yes


Online Assessments: Yes (optional)