Athletic EQ4: Softball Online Workshop

We teach mental skills for elite performance – Mental Toughness & Focus that develop (5) five critical thinking skills.  A new development strategy to building better athlete’s at crunch time. Top coaches and athlete’s understand pressure and what it means to stay focused on the task… now we can teach this critical mindset!  Call for fee structure. Team and Group Discounts available?

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We teach Softball Contenders how to implement these simple, proven mental-drills into daily routines and practices.  These same drills develop mental and emotional skills enabling an athlete to achieve optimal-states, consistently under pressure.

Benefits to this skill based training:

  • Performance Improvement – Stat-impact; regulating disruptive thoughts and negative emotions
  • Here’s what you get in this Two (2) hour online workshop:
    • Mental 5: Learning to regulate the chatter; five critical thinking skills.
    • On-Demand Mental-Drills for corrective actions and rapid recovery.
    • The Bad-Boss, understanding the emotional highjack; anatomy of the choke.


See what these athletes had to say –

Checkout these videos:



Full-Day Workshop:

Coaches Clinic (At your location)

  • Core MindSet Orientation
  • Includes:
    • Understanding the Athlete’s Brain (dynamic video learning aides)
    • Navy Seals Brain Training Techniques (how they train for pressure)
    • Hands On / Mind On Exercises (daily routines for the habit loop)
    • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (skills framework)
    • Learning Guides & Worksheet (applications after class)



  • Athlete’s Skill Assessment:  One of the greatest innovations of our decade for recruiting and developing human talent.  Utilize this online athlete’s assessment to create a benchmark for the top ten emotional skills required for elite, optimal performance…  to include a custom development plan based on the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Coaching Tracks:  Mental and Emotional development programs for coaches to seamlessly incorporate into daily practice activities and drill stations; specifically addressing the habit loop for consistent, sustainable performance within practice and during competitive play.


  • Parenting Tracks:  Parents of young aspiring athletes have a mental and emotional roll to play in developing a young athlete’s full potential.  Now, using state of the art science with proven mental techniques to build the mental and emotional skill sets critical for elite athletic performance.



Scholarly Articles:  Do the research to improve your Football Program


We’ve developed the training system to improve your human performance.



Fee Schedule: Please Call for On Site Instruction

  • High School – Per Player | Per Team | Per School | Fundraisers Available
  • College – Per Player | Per Team | Per School
  • Pro/Amateur – Per Player | Per Team | Per Organization

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History Lesson: Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS)

In the early 1980’s we saw Lou Fuerigno playing the original “Hauk” on television and Arnold Schwertsanagger gracing the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.  A new movement came into the sports scene – physical strength and conditioning.  It was the first time we took the body into the weight room.  Coach Dennis Dunn was a part of that movement …  implementing within his own program and teaching BFS around the country to other coaches.  Now, we’re taking the brain into the weight room.  Listen as Coach Dun talks about the benefits of mental and emotional strength training.






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Travel & Lodging

Travel and lodging expenses are not included.

Cost Per Player

Session #2 – Is $50 per player; minimum of 35 players with an unlimited seating capacity.