“We started working with Alonzo in May of 2010”, comments M.E.T. instructor Parrish Taylor.

“Our focus has been helping Alonzo create awareness to his thoughts and emotions”.  Alonzo has demonstrated athletic ability for the last several years, “here is where we take a strong player and achieve consistent performance”.

Coach Taylor suggests that learning critical thinking skills empowers Alonzo to achieve optimal performance on demand, both on the field as well as in the game.  Coach Taylor goes on to talk about one of Alonzo’s greatest achievements has been academically.

Like many young talented athletes, Alonzo struggled in the class room and at one time did not qualify academically.  “I remember watching Alonzo talking with the Nebraska quarterback coach during a recent campus visit.  For nearly an hour they would watch Nebraska plays and talk about play-options and reading the defense.  They role played and rehearsed scenarios of the Nebraska offense.  The observation was clear to Coach Taylor, “…when motivated, Alonzo can learn and adapt on demand.”  But why then did he struggle in the classroom?

Find out more about the case study with Alonzo Moore in Chapter 8 of the book release “Mental” Learning to Regulate the Chatter – Tate Publishing 2013.  Or visit the free Podcast on iTunes

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