Cultural Foundations Course

$ 2,995.00

This course includes 10 topics – pricing model is for one (1) of the ten (10) topics.  Each video package includes a custom video, power point presentation and facilitator’s guide.  Learning objectives include Real Stories from the Field and lessons learned, emotional intelligence skills and development tips, and cultural checklists to ensure your culture is growing in the right direction.  Custom video includes your company brand and employees.  For pricing on the entire course (all 10 video packages) please contact.



Customize this learning video series for your organization. 10 learning video modules, each with PowerPoint Presentation and Knowledge Checks. Each module includes a unique learning experience featuring:

Course Features:

  1. Proven cultural characteristics
  2. Real Stories from the Field
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Improvement Checklists


Course Topics: Video Package Titles

  1. Establish Imperative for Process Safety
  2. Provide Strong Leadership
  3. Foster Mutual Trust
  4. Ensure Open and Frank Communications
  5. Maintain Sense of Vulnerability
  6. Understand and Act Upon Hazards & Risks
  7. Empower Individuals to Successfully Fulfill their Safety Responsibilities
  8. Defer To Expertise
  9. Combat the Normalization of Deviance
  10. Learn to Assess and Advance the Culture


Package Includes:

  1. Custom Video (10:00 average run time)
  2. Power Point Presentation
  3. Facilitator’s Guide