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Our strength is partnering with multifaceted, high achieving organizations.

“For over twenty-three years, we’ve partnered with organizations to implement innovative E.Q. training and leadership development strategies.  We are seeking an athletic host for a one-day, two-hour clinic targeting High School Coaches & Athletic Directors” “.

This product / event features:

  • Recruiting Impact: This event targets your high school recruiting & coaching pool.
  • Emotional Quotient | Emotional Intelligence Competencies: Simple development strategies Coaches can implement immediately.
  • Mental5 | Psychological Skill Development: Simple exercises for daily development of the concentration skill.
  • Private Workshop: Exclusively for your coaches or select team.
  • Brain Training Techniques | “Big 4”: Featured in Department of Defenses (US Navy Seals) Training.
  • InKind Contribution (10%): Portion of the profits donated to the organization of your choosing.


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Neuroscience now validates the benefits of emotional brain development.

 Coaching for 3-Dimensional Development.

“We teach coaches how to implement the emotional intelligence competencies into athletic programs – seamlessly”.

What they are saying:

Bill Jurgens“Parrish’s understanding of emotional intelligence and his ability to relate this information to athletes is exceptional.  I sat in on three sessions with our student-­athletes; when he spoke to them and I was amazed at his ability to relate to each of the groups”. (read more)


Director of Athletics, Florida Institute of Technology: Mr. Bill Jurgens

Our Industries:

Sports & Athletics | Law Enforcement | Corporate Leadership


Promotional Videos:

Featured Trainers:

[Based on Availability]

  • Master Trainer, Author, International consultant Parrish O. Taylor
  • Guest Speaker | Trainer, Colonel (R) 30 Years US Army Commanding Officer


Our Development Philosophy:

One dimensional (physical training) has become a common standard since it’s introduction in the 1980’s; mental and emotional skill development are the next dimension.

Our Mental and Emotional Training system provides coaches with simple strategies to develop mental skills for improved concentration and decision making, specifically under the pressure of athletic competition.

Emotional skill development increases consistency; optimal performance is the alignment of all three dimensions physical, mental and emotional.

Coaches learn how to develop strong habits of the mind; specifically when the panic button goes off (clutch opportunity).  Our training systems provide what we call rapid recovery and corrective actions for in the moment applications.


Academic Advantages with developing an athlete’s emotional quotient.  Be sure an ask about M.E.T. Athlete Alonzo Moore and this unique case study featured in the book, Mental 5 (Tate 2013).  Alonzo has always been an exceptional athlete; his increase in EQ skills enabled him to transfer the skill sets into the classroom…  learn more.




You are 30 minutes away from scheduling this event – Schedule the Call