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The corporate EH&S team wanted to use video to launch a branding & cause marketing campaign.  There were two different projects: EH&S Special Report and The Top Five (5) – each with it’s own unique scope of use video messaging to motivate, educate and refresh both corporate and field personnel.

Each scope included promoting critical statistics and visual elements. This design included a custom studio and newscaster delivery with graphic and image support from several of the clients projects (2012). The messaging included corrective actions and subtle refreshers with  unscripted interviews (extremely rare at the time) with both safety and executive teams – speaking candidly, sincerely to deliver the message.

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The trade secret after two decades of designing content is “sizzle” and “substance”.  High end video production with custom, relevant content. For more information on our Consulting | Design or Production capabilities, please contact 866.487.2815.