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Parrish O. Taylor


For those wondering…  EQ stands for Emotional Quotient (new skills and competencies we can measure). Emotional Intelligence (as mentioned by Mr. Lurie) refers to those specific sets of skills and competencies most often found in top performers; under pressure.

EQ & EI are difficult – that’s where we come in – we make simple.


The Headline:


The Article (PDF): Eagles owner says next coach after Chip Kelly needs to value ’emotional intelligence’ – SBNation.com


The Problem (Choke):

The “problem” in athletic competition is the choke – when an athlete performs less than best.  Technically speaking, this is called an emotional highjack.  A term created by the Godfather of EQ (emotional quotient) himself, Dr. Daniel Goleman.

You, as a coach.  You, as an Athlete.  You, as a parent of a young aspiring athlete are all interested in EQ.

EQ is the silver bullet to remedy an athlete’s choke.

Said correctly, EQ develops skills (EI – emotional intelligence skills) that empower an athlete with abilities during times of adversity, pressure, and/or stress – basically the athletic competition.

Here is an article from 2013 (2013!!!!!)  – Get the feeling you are little behind?

The Anatomy Of The Choke – this article talks technical about the emotional brain; this article validates why EQ is important in sports performance and sports development.


The Solution (Optimal):

We can now measure EQ – Specifically 10 Emotional Intelligence Skill Sets:

ESi Coaching Report 2014 (low res)

We can even measure the Coaches EQ – kinda important if ya want a program that develops these skills in others.

We can also develop the EQ – Emotional intelligence skill sets within coaches, players, team-cultures.


Optimal is a clinical term that has to do with all your thoughts, all your emotional states, and all your physical talent pointed at one task in one specific moment.  EQ teaches how to summon that talent… we make EQ simple with the M.E.T. (Mental & Emotional Training).


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“Our philosophy is simple – the mind is an athlete’s competitive advantage.
Like the body the mind must be strengthened and developed for what’s called the brain-body sync for the task-at-hand.  The MindSet System benefits individual performance as well as team unity and leadership”

Parrish Owen Taylor
Designer | Master Trainer