Critical Advisors (MET4): On-Demand

$ 2,500.00


Critical Advisors:

Alignment of thoughts (attitude), philosophy (motives) and actions (self-discipline) produce specific results (positive or negative).  This is taught as one of the simplest problem solving techniques with consideration to nourishing the proper thought-patterns and motives (or reasons why).  Motives change in a seconds notice without your awareness (that’s a skill).  This simple model is used for top performers daily to ensure they are constantly aligning their thoughts and feelings to achieve specific daily outcome(s).


EQ Lesson Objectives:

  • Self Awareness Competencies (skill set #1)
  • Self Regulation Competencies (skill set #2)
  • Self Motivation Competencies (skill set #3)

Lesson Objectives:

In the interest of personal best and having 100% of “you” engaged in a task.

Upon completing this module participants will understand the importance of a task focused alignment between ones thought patterns (attitude), motives (reason why) and actions (physically acting upon a task).

Length: 2 hours

Location: Client’s location

Application: Corrective Actions, Personal Performance

Who Should Attend: Managment teams, Crew Leaders

Workbooks: Yes

Online Assessments: Yes (optional)