Maturity Metrics (MET6): Leadership Accountability

$ 2,500.00


Maturity Metrics:

A nine point personal accountability system for regulating mature thoughts, and mature emotions.  Personal responsibility towards these nine results in what we call mature behavior – public and privately.


EQ Lesson Objectives:

  • Self Awareness Competencies (skill set #1)
  • Self Regulation Competencies (skill set #2)
  • Self Motivation Competencies (skill set #3)
  • Social Awareness Competencies (skill set #4)
  • Social Persuasion Competencies (skill set #5)

Lesson Objectives:

Provides a simple measure of thought-accountability and emotional-check list for personal performance and maturity.

Length: 2 hours

Location: Client’s location

Application: Problem solving, adapting to change and/or conflict resolution

Who Should Attend: Managment teams, Crew Leaders

Workbooks: Yes

Online Assessments: Yes (optional)