Membership Athletic Coaches EQ Network

$ 499.95

Build your own MindSet Program!

Each month you will receive new videos, exercises, lesson guides and more – all building the emotional quotient within your coaches and your program.  It’s your program – take it into the new frontier with MindSet Coaching – Strength & Conditioning programs for clutch performance under pressure.


No other membership will give you so much new and usable instruction – this is your competitive advantage with new insights each month on how to build a winning culture with emotional intelligence training.

Here is what you get each month:

  1. PodCast: New episodes on Chatter-Cast™
  2. Video Coach on Demand: Two (2) 10:00 minute instructional videos
  3. eWod: Emotional Workouts of the day featuring drills for coaches & athletes
  4. EQ Coaching: Access to one of the most innovative trainers of our time
  5. EQ Coaching Forum: Feedback and sharing of best practices among members

Instantly receive download links upon completing your purchase:

  1. Mental (ebook) – Learning To Regulate the Chatter
  2. PodCast – iTunes
  3. EQ4 Coaches Introduction (DVD Live 2012) (10 video chapters)
  4. VCoD – Playlist Link
  5. eWod – Playlist Link