Six Cylinder Model (MET2): Career Focus | Life Balance

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When you encounter set backs or difficulty your cylinders can get out of balance and your personal best is out of sync.  This tool helps you keep the balance on the inside.  Keep your stressors from work at work; keep your stressors from your personal life personal. Your ability and skills to isolate thoughts into these six simple cylinders will enable you peace and personal performance as you grow.


Formats: Personal & Team Coaching | Training

Length: 3 hours

Full Course Overview: MET Flowchart (web) 2016

Six Cylinder Theory (Module #2) The power of personal-purpose and the framework for isolating thoughts and emotions; goals, dreams, desires, priorities all written and revised over time using the Six-Cylinder worksheet.

As distracting thoughts and emotions hinder each day this framework serves as a mental-filing cabinet to temporarily manage to improve focus and concentration. Life balance is found in this tool for structured thinking based on pre-defined values; this tool continually teaches about ‘self’ and desire (E.Q. – Self-Motivation). Decision-making (large or small, long or short term) is based on this personal set of priorities each participant will define, adapting and changing over time this tool becomes a “living document”; a relational tool for collaboration efforts between two promoting unity.


Lesson Objectives: This lesson is an exercise to identify core values and desires; a “filter” for decision-making and overcoming challenges, a benchmark seizing new opportunities.

EQ Skill Objectives: This module supports the on-going development of keystone habits for “Self-Awareness”, “Self-Regulation” & “Self Motivation”.


After completing this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Define personal priorities using the Six Cylinder model
  • Write out and describe personal desires for all Six (6) “cylinders”
  • Describe personal experience(s) using the Six Cylinder model
  • Describe decision making conflicts using the Six Cylinder model
  • Define the “real” verse “ideal” based on personal decisions with time (daily)