Tactical EQ4: Policing Advanced Level I – (1 Day)

$ 2,500.00

This is a Advanced: Level I Course for Senior level law enforcement professionals with at least three (3) years of police field work or military experience.  This course is based on the most recent studies of the mind before during and after emotionally distressing situations – this is a skill based educational course using the skills and competency model found in the field of emotional intelligence and now supported by Neuroscience.  This course features video learning aides and segment from the Navy Seals Brain Training in San Diego, CA.



For In-Service Training or to host an open enrollment event, please contact 866.487.2815.

Type: Open Enrollment

Date: Please call 866.487.2815

Who should attend: Minimum 3yrs. experience recommended

  • Instructors & Training Professionals
  • Management & Supervisors
  • Senior Field Officers
  • Mental Health Professionals

Host: Please call for In-service or more information

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Lesson Objectives:

There are two competency models outlined in this lesson plan. The Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) competency model and the Mental5 competency model (psychological skills). Both competency models improve rational decision making during emotionally distressed situations common in police work.

A 70% completion on the written test and lab is required for a passing score and certification.

  • Emotional Intelligence – Introduction to the science of training the brain featuring the US Department of Defense Braining Training Techniques (Navy Seals Big4).


  • Self Awareness & Self Regulation Skill Sets – An officer’s heart rate and breathing patterns are critical indicators of personal stress levels, too much or too little can impact an officer’s state of mind and ability to perform as trained; learn hands on techniques to ensure accurate self-assessment prior to engaging a crisis situation.


  • Self-Motivation Skill Sets – Cognitive thinking skills, accessible on demand before the indecent, during the indecent and immediately following the indecent directly impact officer performance and quality of life; develop new strategies to observe and potentially short-circuit distress prior to escalation.


  • Social Awareness & Persuasion – New observation strategies based on visual, verbal and vocal channels; learn how to regulate personal channels to improve effective communication and problem solving prior to escalating a situation out of control.



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For more information or to enroll by phone please call 866.487.2815.  Be sure to ask how to host this course for free at your agency.