Team Training: High Performance

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High Performance Teams:

Some occupations require more – more skills, more abilities, more results.  This module focuses on Top Performers from all walks of life and the skills they develop daily – success, your definition of success will include one thing – work life balance.  A design that enables you to compete in the market place at a higher level and the ability to leave the market place and create a healthy life style for you, your family and your team leaders.


EQ Lesson Objectives:

  • Self Awareness Competencies (skill set #1)
  • Self Regulation Competencies (skill set #2)
  • Self Motivation Competencies (skill set #3)
  • Social Awareness Competencies (skill set #4)
  • Social Persuasion Competencies (skill set #5)


Lesson Objectives: Participants will learn

  • Mental5 – Mental skills for top performers; daily routines
  • Six Cylinders Theory – Work life balance model and exercises
  • Map5 – Introduction to Emotional Quotient Competencies (skills, abilities)
  • Maturity Metrics – Personal accountability model and leadership influence


Length: 32 hours


Location: Client’s location


Application: Problem solving, adapting to change and/or conflict resolution


Who Should Attend: Managment teams, Crew Leaders


Workbooks: Yes


Online Assessments: Yes (optional)