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iP Utility Safety Conference & ICUEE Expo 2018

The Skill of Concentration: How to Improve Your Focus

Improving your focus requires active, daily routines to develop the mental skill of concentration.


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Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton Loveland Conference Center in Loveland, CO.

Topic: Distraction Training: Technical Skill of Concentration

Date: Wednesday, April 25

Time: 01:30pm  – 03:00pm

Registration: Weblink



BreakOut Session Summary:

This presentation emphasizes the core skills of ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-regulation’ covered in the studies of emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

Explore how you can improve your focus and learn new techniques for navigating through the personal and external distractions lineman face every day. Then practice your daily thought-processes designed to develop this critically important skill-set.



  • How to define emotional quotient and emotional intelligence in line work.
  • Identify self-awareness skill-sets and competencies to improve your focus.
  • Identify personal intervention tools to improve your professional performance on the job.
  • Identify team intervention techniques you can use to increase the emotional quotient among crew members.


Learn more about Tactical EQ4 Electric Utilities – bring this innovative training to you workforce and subcontractors.  Or call 866.487.2816.

YIP Fix: MindSet Skill Development

We can now train the brain for clutch performance & YIP recovery.

Mind-Set Coaching: How parents can use Chatter to connect

Lesson Objective:  Learning to apply emotional intelligence begins with awareness to your conscious thoughts and thought patterns; we call this random chatter.  In this lesson we tackle the old cliches about “voices in your head”, and take personal responsibility with what’s going on in your own mind.

As parents, mentors, and leaders, learning to recognize our own chatter and how to regulate chatter in our favor is the first step.  As we learn to develop the skill emotional intelligence skills of self-awareness and self-regulation, we can teach the younger generations how to accept the same personal responsibility.

Watch this video and write down the ideas – begin practicing these in your own life and relationship with your kids.

Regulate that chatter!


For more information on coaching or development products, please call 866.487.2815


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